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Posted in General Commentary by Jake Ward on May 21, 2006

Hello world!  Welcome to my blog on patents and intellectual property law.  I do intend for this blog to be different, and not "just another" IP blog.  However, that being said, this is my foray into blogging and I hope the outcome is relatively painless for all . . . although I make no promises!

My mission statement, were I to write one, would state that this blog is meant to provide commentary on IP-related cases, old and recent, patent prosecution practice, science & technology, and intellectual property issues in general.  I also hope to expound at least semi-often on the many aspects of the law and patent practice that I find amusing.  I intend this blog to be thought-provoking, but I want it to be fun for both me (the author) and you (the poor audience).

In any case, for better or worse, sit back and enjoy the show.  Lights please!

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