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A Fulbright Scholar to China

Posted in General Commentary by Jake Ward on June 16, 2006

Prof. Llewellyn Gibbons, coordinator of the IP Certificate program at the University of Toledo College of Law, has recently received a Fulbright grant to study intellectual property law in China. 

Llew has previously supplied excellent guidance to students planning to pursue careers in IP law.  As a particular example, Llew provided great suggestions during my own independent research into Chinese IP Law.  See Review of Chinese IP Law.  I genuinely expect that Llew will make good use of the Fulbright as he explores IP issues in China (and in particular how the Chinese government is addressing Internet regulation, e-commerce, and (non)enforcement of intellectual property rights).

Congratulations Llew, and good luck in China at the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law!

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