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New Firm – Fraser Martin & Miller, LLC

Posted in Practice Commentary by Jake Ward on October 13, 2006

Remember my earlier post about being too busy to post?  Well, I have recently decided to withdraw from the law firm of Harness Dickey & Pierce (having a brand new website today, by the way).  Starting Monday, October 16th, I will be continuing my practice at the law firm of Fraser Martin & Miller, located outside of Toledo, OH.

I plan to continue blogging patent and IP law, and hopefully for you, my definitely-not-captive audience, this professional transition will not signifcantly affect the frequency of my posts.  However, I ask for your patience during this transition. 

If you need other reading material, might I suggest The Fire of Genius?  I find this patent law blog to be an excellent source of commentary, and entertaining to boot!

JW Note – I also give The Fire of Genius my props as it is one of the few patent law blogs currently listing on the blogroll.  Thanks JSM!

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