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Review: How To Say What Stuff Looks Like.

Posted in General Commentary by Mike Dockins on February 8, 2007


How to Say What Stuff Looks Like: A Compendium of Descriptive Terminology by Tom Rieder is a book recommended for anyone preparing patent applications.

Need to precisely textually describe that shape? Is it toroidal or gibbous? A frustrum or an obelisk? Undulating or boustrophedonic? Combining descriptions with common, and not-so-common, synonyms, this book may help anyone find just the right term for nearly any common 2 or 3 dimensional mathematical shape, as well as many non-mathematical objects and concepts. The book even touches briefly on sequences, progressions, and graphs.

How to Say What Stuff Looks Like is 100 pages long, including the index, and will cost around $12. Well worth the price.

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