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They Invented What? (No. 36)

Posted in They Invented What? by Jake Ward on February 21, 2007

U.S. Pat. No. 4,639,236Toy vehicle and launcher.



This invention relates to a toy in general and in specific to a novel toy into which a simulated explosive charge is placed to propel the toy from the charge.

It is known in the art of toy design to provide various simulated events which stimulate the imagination of the user. Such would include simulated rocket launchers for example, or simulated guns which make noise or flash light. It would also include, for example, toy planes or autos which separate into pieces under simulated crash conditions. The present invention adds a different dimension to simulated or imaginary activity in that it creates the fanciful impression that the vehicle is being blasted on its way by an explosive charge.


1. A toy comprising:
     (a) a toy vehicle having formed therein an opening at the rear of the vehicle;
          (1) a spring positioned within the vehicle and compressible therein;
     (b) a launcher comprising a weighted group of simulated dynamite sticks, sized to be received within said opening in said vehicle, the group containing release means for releasable engagement with said vehicle;
     (c) actuator means for actuating the release means to engage and hold the group of dynamite sticks within the vehicle and to hold the spring in a compressed position, and to release the same and permit said spring to return to its uncompressed condition;
     (d) wherein said launcher and actuator means are spaced apart and are connected only by an actuator cable adapted to cause said release means to release said vehicle from said launcher on actuation of said release means.

Microsoft v. AT&T: Argument Transcripts

Posted in Litigation Commentary by Jake Ward on February 21, 2007

The link to the transcript for the February 21st oral arguments before the SCOTUS in Microsoft Corp. v. AT&T Corp. can be found here

Any thoughts?  Discussion to follow!