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Mapping the Blogosphere.

Posted in Science and Technology by Jake Ward on April 25, 2007

According to this article at Discover Magazine, recent studies suggest that nearly 60 million blogs exist online, and about 175,000 more crop up daily (or about 2 every second).   Analysts have been able to track trends in blogs (specifically, links between blogs), and one analyst recently collected and plotted 6 weeks worth of data.   A few of his plots may be viewed here

The plots are interesting, although their practical signficance may be questionable.  That being said, we query where the community of intellectual property law bloggers might exist on these maps?  Our guess is that most of the patent law blogs exist in Group 4, i.e., a balanced sociopolitical discourse with a sort of metadialogue between bloggers who hurl headlines at one another.  This feels sort of like metadialogue, right?

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