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They Invented What? (No. 50)

Posted in They Invented What? by Jake Ward on June 6, 2007

U.S. Pat. No. 5,246,396:  Method for the humane slaughter and processing of domesticated ostrich.


1. A method for humanely slaughtering and efficiently processing ostrich on a large scale in a facility, comprising the steps of:

          stunning said ostrich via an electrical discharge;
          hanging said ostrich in an inverted position by placing a first shackle around one leg of said ostrich, hoisting said ostrich to an inverted position, affixing said shackle to a rail system to permit mobility, placing a second shackle around the free leg of said ostrich, and affixing said second shackle to said rail system to enhance the stability of said ostrich hanging in said inverted position;
          bleeding said ostrich by cutting the arteries in the neck region and the windpipe of said ostrich and permitting the blood of said ostrich to leave said ostrich;
          decapitating said ostrich;
          de-feathering said ostrich by isolating said ostrich via air curtains, providing a pressurized air dispenser having a needle-like probe, injecting air between the ostrich hide and the ostrich muscle structures by inserting said probe into the base of the neck region of said ostrich, into the base of both wing regions, and into both lower leg regions below the metatarsal joint, such that said probe penetrates said hide and rests at the outside of said muscle structures, and pulling said feathers from said hide;
          tieing the colon, urinary track, and reproductive organs of the ostrich by making a circular cut around the vent opening of said ostrich, grasping the colon, urinary track, and reproductive organs, pulling said colon, urinary track, and reproductive organs approximately two to six inches from said ostrich, and affixing a constricting device around said organs;
          removing the feet and wings from said ostrich;
removing the neck region of said ostrich by making a vertical cut along the length of the neck region of said ostrich, separating the esophagus and windpipe from the muscle tissue in said neck region, tieing said esophagus, while permitting said windpipe to remain functionally attached to said ostrich, and removing said neck region while permitting said esophagus and said windpipe to remain functionally attached to said ostrich;
          skinning said ostrich;
          removing the viscera from said ostrich by cutting vertically along the entire frontal region of the ostrich below the ostrich membrane from the anal region to the breast plate, around said breast plate, and to the neck region, said membrane being the layer below the ostrich hide, pulling said gizzard out from said ostrich, tieing said gizzard at the gizzard base, and cutting said gizzard above the tie off point to thereby separate said gizzard from said ostrich; and
          removing the edible meat products from said ostrich.