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Vote on Patent Reform Delayed; Senators Remain Optimistic?

Posted in Statute Commentary by Jake Ward on February 15, 2008

Various commentators are posting today that a vote on the Patent Reform Act of 2007 may be slipping now to April at the earliest.  (See IAM Blog and the Patent Prospector).  The PLI Blog’s sources indicate that such a delay could likely mean no action will be taken on patent reform this year.

Others have taken notice of an editorial in this morning’s Washington Times, titled Meaningful Patent Reform, in which Senators Leahy and Hatch bemoan that “some would like to play political football with the [patent reform] bill to pursue other agendas.” (See PTP and Patently-O).  The outlook of the Senators, however, is optimistic:

As legislators, we know we are headed in the right direction when everyone is complaining that the entire bill is not going their way. We see this as a necessary, albeit somewhat difficult, part of the legislative process. But we welcome it. But at the end of day, we are confident that we will resolve the remaining issues in ways that should make everyone comfortable and will ensure final passage.

Opposition to the bill is also notably becoming much more vocal, as may be seen by these letters from the current administrationindustry, academia, and organized labor

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