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A Definitive Patent-Meme?

Posted in General Commentary by Jake Ward on February 17, 2008


Anticipate This!™ was recently named in Brett Trout’s BlawgIT blog as part of his definitive patent-meme – a list of “all the important patent law blogs in one place”.  The inclusion of our blog on this list (albeit as a late entry) was certainly flattering.

Many of the blogs listed by Mr. Trout are also listed on our very own blogroll.  Some commentators are among those that we also read on a regular basis.  We frequent and recommend the following notable patent law blogs (in no particular order): 

We also have recently become a fan of The Troll Tracker and Patentably Defined, and continue to enjoy such stalwart commentators as I/P Updates, IPBIZ, and The Invent Blog.  All are highly suggested.

The BlawgIT p-meme is found below in its entirety:

Anticipate This
Anything Under the Sun
Benefit of Hindsight
Chicago IP Litigation Blog
Daily Dose of IP
Delaware IP Law Blog
The Fire of Genius
I/P Updates
The Invent Blog
IP Down Under
IP Newsflash
IP Thinktank Blog
Just a Patent Examiner
Maryland Intellectual Property Law Blog
Orange Book Blog
Patent Arcade
Patent Baristas
Patent Blurb
Patent Circle
Patent Docs
Patent Infringement Updates
Patent Librarian’s Notebook
Patent Pensées
Patent Prospector
Patent Troll Tracker
Patentably Academic
Patentably Defined
Peer to Patent
Practicing Law Institute
Promote the Progress
Securing Innovation
Washington State Patent Law Blog
271 Patent Blog

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