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The Official Cisco Blog on Blogging.

Posted in General Commentary by Jake Ward on March 25, 2008


In light of the recent self-unmasking of the Patent Troll Tracker as Cisco employee Rick Frenkel (and particularly in view of the recent litigation surrounding his anonymous blogging), Cisco has implemented a new corporate blogging policy, which notably states: 

If you comment on any aspect of the company’s business or any policy issue in which the company is involved and in which you have responsibility, you must clearly identify yourself as a Cisco employee in your postings or blog site(s) and include a disclaimer that the views are your own and not those of Cisco. In addition, Cisco employees should not circulate postings they know are written by other Cisco employees without informing the recipient that the author of the posting is a Cisco employee.

See the Cisco post unveiling the new policy here.  Probably not a bad policy to emulate, if your company or its employees operates or posts to blogs or like websites.

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