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They Invented What? (No. 97)

Posted in They Invented What? by Jake Ward on April 30, 2008

U.S. Pat. No. 3,962,748:  TV control device.

What is claimed is:

1. A TV control device for rotating a dial of a TV set, from an area distant from the set, said TV control device comprising
          a rod-like member of variable adjustable length having a handle at one end, said rod-like member being independent from a TV set and comprising a plurality of telescoped sections and fastening means for releasably affixing the sections in position relative to each other, each of the sections of the rod-like member being of substantially hollow rectangular configuration;
          a head part detachably secured at the opposite end of the rod-like member for cooperating with the dial of a TV set in a manner whereby a user in an area distant from the set selectively rotates the dial via the rod-like member, said head part being independent from a TV set but removably coupleable to a dial thereof and comprising a pair of spaced spring-like clamping heads for gripping the periphery of a dial, and a second detachable head post having a pair of opposed radially extending flat ears for cooperating with the slots of a dial.

2. A TV control device as claimed in claim 1, wherein the sections of the rod-like member are perforated.