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They Invented What? (No. 109)

Posted in They Invented What? by Jake Ward on August 14, 2008

U.S. Pat. No. 4,346,899:  Board game featuring olympic sports.


What is claimed is:

1. An olympic sports game apparatus with elements of chance and tests of individual skill, for competitive play by a plurality of individuals, said game apparatus having
         a playing board,
         a closed primary playing course, for use by all players, at the periphery of said playing board, said primary course divided into a succession of contigious playing spaces that are inscribed with randomly unique information granting awards, imposing penalties, providing sanctuaries, and instructing game play,
         a plurality of distinctively marked secondary playing courses for individual and challenged play thereon, said secondary courses arranged upon a central area of said playing board, each said secondary playing course featuring a major classification of related olympic sports, each said secondary playing course being divided into a randomly oriented succession of numbered contigious playing spaces wherein said numbered playing spaces are inscribed with randomly varying informations granting awards, imposing penalties, and instructing secondary course game play,
         a combination of means for regulating movements of said players upon said primary and said secondary courses for play, and
         means for displaying, upon said primary and said secondary courses, the positions of each said player during all turns at play,
         wherein the improvement comprises:  (a). a first combination of chance and skill apparatus for regulating play upon said primary course, said first combination further comprising printed instructions for game play randomly distributed among said playing spaces of said primary course, a die for providing a further element of chance, and a spinner for providing a test of said players’ individual skills; (b). a second combination of chance and skill apparatus for regulating play upon said plurality of secondary course, said second combination further comprising at least one of said numbered spaces of said secondary courses having instructions for play thereon, a deck of special cards for assigning points and for specifying player movements, a plurality of decks of event cards, a deck thereof distinctively marked to correspond to each secondary course, said event cards for identifying specific olympic games to be played and for setting winning point values, and a spinner for a test of said players’ individual skills; and (c). a plurality of two-part playing pieces for displaying player’ positions upon said primary and said secondary courses, during turns at play, each said two-part playing piece uniquely colored so as to idenfify its assigned player, said two-part playing piece for use as a combined entity to mark player position, during play, on said primary course, said two-part playing piece for use, during intervals of game play on said secondary courses, as separated entities, firstly, to mark said player’s last position on said primary course, and secondly, to mark said player’s then current progress on said secondary course, a first part of said two-part playing piece being a pedestal, and a second part of said two-part piece being an artistic sports figurine, said pedestal and said figurine having bonding means for temporary assembly by said player of said combined entity.