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The Little Shop of Patent and Trademark Horrors.

Posted in General Commentary by Jake Ward on October 22, 2008


In surfing for a Halloween-themed TIW? patent this morning, we happened across the following USPTO website, titled The Little Shop of Patent and Trademark Horrors.

At first blush, one might think this is a clandestine USPTO department responsible for scaring practitioners and developing ghoulish regulations, such as the presently enjoined claims and continuations rules (did you feel the room just get colder?).

However, the website is actually part of the USPTO Kids’ Pages, designed to generate interest amongst K-12 students in patents and trademarks.  It appears to have games, puzzles, and other fun and creative links for kids to explore.  If you know a teacher, or have kids of your own, this might be a fun website to check out.

They Invented What? (No. 116)

Posted in They Invented What? by Jake Ward on October 22, 2008

U.S. Pat. No. 5,103,585:  Cricket gun.



What is claimed is:

          1. A cricket gun for holding and dispensing crickets comprising a holding container and an intergral chamber with dispensing means; said holding container comprising a removable cap at one end, and a funnel at the opposite end with a wide portion of the funnel intergral with the holding container, a rod inside the holding container, a cork attached to a first end of the rod inside the holding container, and the opposite end extending through the removable cap and attached to a handle; a narrow portion of said funnel having an opening and including a chamber, said dispensing means adjacent said chamber and including a sliding carriage and a trigger;
          whereby said cork abutts the funnel to keep crickets in the holding container, said handle is operated to displace the rod and cork allowing a cricket to enter the chamber and then the trigger is operated to slide the carriage to expose the opening, thereby releasing a cricket.