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New Patent Searching Tool – Setrue Patent Search.

Posted in Practice Commentary by Jake Ward on December 6, 2008


Jacob Zoarets, founder and CTO of Transformer Software Ltd, recently wrote to inform us of his new “free” patent search tool called the Setrue Semantic Patent Search Engine.   The Setrue website states that the search tool includes features such as:  semantic natural language query capabilities; query auto-complete suggestions; detailed USPTO class directory structure enabling a one click segmentation of search results to a specific USPTO patent class; clustering of search results by USPTO classes; clustering of search results by years; clustering of search results by assignees; similar patents segmentation; dynamic weighting of search terms; and much more. 

We’ve had an opportunity to splash around on the Setrue website, and found the advanced features such as the “similar patents” function to be particularly interesting.  However, be aware that the Setrue semantic patent search engine is a free patent search engine for non-commercial usage only.  If you are a law firm, a private patent attorney, a patent search agency, a litigation attorney, or a corporation, or if you are planning to use Setrue semantic patent search engine commercially, the website asks that the Setrue sales team be contacted first to purchase a commercial license.

The basic Setrue search tool is available here, with advanced search capabilities available here

Other free search sites that we recommend can be found at our Practitioner & Inventor Resources page.  Check them out!

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