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They Invented What? (No. 122)

Posted in They Invented What? by Jake Ward on December 10, 2008

U.S. Pat. No. 4,432,545:  Non-lethal cock fighting system.



What is claimed is:

1. Apparatus for conducting and scoring cock fights between two combating birds, said apparatus comprising, in combination:
          (a) individual switch means mounted upon each leg of each bird in place of or in covering relation to the natural spur, each of said switch means including a member movable along the axis of the natural spur in response to a blow struck substantially along said axis and by a distance commensurate with the force of said blow;
          (b) means for generating an individual electrical signal upon each movement of said member by at least a minimum increment of said distance, said signal having a parameter distinctive to each of said switch means and to a plurality of distinct increments of said distance;
          (c) means attached to the skin of each bird in a posterior area below the tail feathers where the feathers have been removed for transmitting said individual signals to a location remote from said birds;
          (d) signal processing means at said remote location for receiving said transmitted signals and for indexing a counter associated with each of said signal parameters in response to reception of each individual signal of said parameter; and
          (e) display means providing a visual indication of the accumulated count of each of said counters, thereby scoring the fight according to the number of blows of each increment of force struck by each leg of each bird.

2. The invention according to claim 1 and further including a stationary base member affixed to each leg of each bird, said movable member carrying one contact of said switch means and being movable with respect to said base member.

3. The invention according to claim 2 wherein a plurality of other contacts of said switch means are carried of said base member at axially spaced positions thereon.

4. The invention according to claim 3 and further including spring means biasing said movable member to an outermost position with respect to said base member, said movable member successively contacting each of said plurality of other switch means upon inward movement with respect to said base member against the biasing force of said spring means.

5. The invention according to claim 4 wherein said movable member includes a tubular element mounted for sliding movement upon said base member.

6. The invention according to claim 5 and further including a muff affixed to said tubular element in covering relation thereto.

7. The invention according to claims 3 or 6 wherein said plurality of other contacts are three in number.

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