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Inventive Step Blog.

Posted in General Commentary by Jake Ward on December 16, 2008

There is a new patent blog on the scene, dedicated to a discussion of patent law issues and strategies.  The blog is titled Inventive Step and is authored by registered patent attorney Matthew R. Osenga, from Richmond, Virginia.

We have been reading Inventive Step posts over the past week or so, and Matt has provided some very matter-of-fact commentary related to the state of the patent practice in the United States.  We especially enjoyed the posts Is the Patent Office Against Patent Applicants? and Patent Allowance Rate Continues to Drop.  The first summarizes the extent to which the USPTO’s current administration has seemingly antagonized the Patent Bar over the past few years, and the latter notes the historically low allowance rates presently at the USTPO.  (See below graph ).


See also this earlier and related AT! post commenting on the plummeting allowance rates at the USPTO. 

We’d certainly recommend taking a look at Inventive Step as part of your daily blog read (should you be into such joyful activities)!

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