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Edge of Discovery.

Posted in Science and Technology by Jake Ward on July 18, 2009

CNN operates an interesting website titled “Edge of Discovery“.  The website has the following tagline:

Around the globe — and throughout the universe — innovations are not only creating breakthroughs in technology but changing the way we live our daily lives. Discoveries are expanding how we explore science, technology, medicine and space.

The website has a number of interesting articles, including video articles,  about inventions and other innovations.  Check it out!

The Basics: How Do I Get A Patent?

Posted in General Commentary by Jake Ward on July 18, 2009

J. Douglas Miller had a nice post at his blog, Small Business IP Protection and Management, on how individual inventors and small businesses can get started along the patenting process.  Since patent practitioners often field such questions, we thought it worthwhile to reproduce Doug’s thoughts below.