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Alcohol, the Mother of Invention?

Posted in Science and Technology by Jake Ward on January 21, 2011

Per this recent report from MSNBC, a Washington inventor named Josh Springer has invented a machine and cup system that allows one to fill a beer cup upside down.   The invention includes a thin magnet that covers a hole at the base of the beer cup. When placed on the dispenser, the magnet is raised and the beer flows into the cup through the hole. The magnet is attracted to a metal rim at the cup’s base and, when the cup has been filled, seals the hole at the base of the cup.  A Youtube video of the system in operation can be seen below.

The system allows one to impressively fill up to at least 56 beer cups per minute, as shown in the a clip at the inventor’s website here.

More information on the inventor and his company, Grinon Industries, including further videos of the invention in operation, can be found here.