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Ward Law Office launches video series for inventors, small businesses

Posted in General Commentary by Jake Ward on December 16, 2019

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Information provided by Ward Law Office

Ward Law Office, located in the Historic Laird Arcade in Tiffin, has recently launched a new video series for inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, Patently Good Ideas

The initial set of videos explains the three basic steps that every inventor should takebeforefiling a patent application, namely: 1) properly document your invention; 2) avoid the public disclosure; and 3) do a prior art search. Links to all the videos can be found at or on the firm’s Youtube channel.

Founding partner Jake Ward, Registered Patent Attorney, believe these videos are a must-see for all inventors and entrepreneurs, and especially those who are new to the patenting process. There is lots of valuable (and free) information in these videos explaining what actions can and should be taken before ever speaking with a patent attorney. If these three basic steps…

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