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As a service to you, the faithful readers of Anticipate This!™, below is a compilation of online resources relating to patent prosecution topics and intellectual property law in general.  If you see any glaring omissions, or if you can think of any must-adds, please let us know.

We find a number of these resources quite useful in our daily practice, and we hope you will find them useful as well.  Enjoy!

Patent Research:

United States:

USPTO Patent Database

USPTO Public PAIR (patent prosecution history)

USPTO Maintenance Fees

USPTO Assignments

USPTO Classifications

USPTO Fee Schedule


EPO Patent Database (includes even Japan and the US)

EPO Register (patent prosecution history)


DPMA Patent Database


KIPRIS Patent Database (English abstracts)


SIPO Patent Database (English abstracts)   


JPO Patent and Abstracts Databases (includes an English translator)

Flow Chart in Acquisition of Patents in Japan (Ohtsuki Law Firm)


CIPO Patent Database 

World Intellectual Property Organization:

WIPO PCT Application Database 


 – U.S. Patent Prosecution Tools for Patent Attorneys and Agents

Patent Buddy – Comprehensive Database and Information about Patent Attorneys and Firms

Free Patent Retrieval and Searching:


Patent Reader

Google Patents

Wikipatents (registration required)

JW Note:  I also find the EPO’s Esp@cenet website to be particularly useful in this capacity, especially for non-U.S. patents and applications.

USPTO Patent Drawing Guide 

USPTO Guide for the Preparation of Patent Drawings

Patent Term Calculators:

Court Opinion and Administrative Investigation Websites:

Supreme Court of the United States

United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC)

United States International Trade Commission (ITC)

United States Court of International Trade

USPTO Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI – Precedential)

USPTO Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI – Informative)

USPTO Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (Final Decisions Text Search)

Free Legal Research:

LexisOne (login required)


General References:




The Free Dictionary


Babel Fish Translation

Other References:


NLM ChemIDPlus

Pharmaceutical Patents:

Electronic Orange Book

Patent Process:

Inventor’s Handbook

Patent News:

Google News

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